Monday, July 8, 2013

You Oughta Look Out

I want this blog to be more curatorial than a pulpit. This post is both. A few weeks ago Lonely Island released their third studio album, The Wack Album. One of the better tracks skewers the obnoxious acronym YOLO, which they move from You Only Live Once to the sentiment's logical extreme, You Oughta Look Out. Having one life means protecting it dearly. So if you want to heed their advice and never leave your house because it's obviously too dangerous out there I've compiled a couple of my favorite sites and subscription services to keep you busy inside your apocalypse shelters. (*Please do not think you're safe simply because you are nestled away thirty-seven feet below ground in a state-of-the-art survival habitat. Lonely Island has correctly identified the most dangerous of all threats, true killing machines - furniture. Do yourself a favor and leave the furniture above ground for those of us with death wishes and bring only a yoga mat.)
In case I haven't made it clear: YOLO is generally used to justify actions that people understand to be idiotic or irresponsible. Or, on the positive side, to overcome fear -- skydiving (maybe that fits all the categories?). Point is, aphorisms are at least as dangerous as they are helpful.

Now for the curatorial bit. Three sites to keep you entertained and safely apart from societies many dangers.

Quarterly Co - Tastemakers from a wide variety of industries send you quarterly curated shipments of whatever they feel like. Check out the contributor list, it's pretty diverse - from MIT to Pharrell.

Uncrate - A site of cool stuff for dudes.

Trunk Club - For *free a personal stylist talks with you about what you need clothing-wise and then for *free they ship you a trunk filled with hand picked clothing. You have ten days to try things on and decide what you like. Keep only what you want and ship the rest back for *free. This way you never have to step foot into a god forsaken mall again.